GIANNOPOULOS P.C was founded in 1977, opening its first store at the center of Piraeus, under the commercial name “GIANNOPOULOS”.

     The founding principle and the company’s primary objective at the time was to commercialise its own line of clothing, consisting primarily of classic business suits. This clothing line would then be complemented by high quality contemporary international labels, such as Lacoste, Fred Perry and Robe di Cappa.

     In 1980, the company made a strategic decision to cease production and shift full focus on importing and commercialising quality labels, such as Burberry, Eduard Dressler, Daks, Derek Rose and others.

    After a long successful course, in the retail industry, GIANNOPOULOS P.C, owns and operates two luxury stores in PIRAEUS and GLYFADA and one leading eshop GIANNOPOULOS.GR

    Piraeus Store

    6 Level Multibrand Boutique ( 980 m2 )  |  4 Levels of retail space, 1 level of offices , 1 level of warehouse and accounting,

     Ground Floor - Accessories, Apparel, selected promoted items, Presentations
     1st  Floor - Casual wear, seasonal offers and promotions
     2nd  Floor - Ladies Wear
     3rd  Floor - Mens Wear
     4th Floor - Offices
     5th Floor - Warehouse and accounting

    • At the centre of Piraeus
    • Just 600m away from Piraeus Main National touristic port
    • Just 850 m away from Piraues central railway station
    • Near the Piraeus Public Theatre
    • Opposite to the Piraeus main square and the Piraeus Townhall
    • At the main public bus Piraeus station
    • 45 km away from Eleftherios Venizelos National Athens Airport
    Visit us: 6, Dragatsi, Piraeus Greece GR18535
    Call us: +30 210 4131488
    Msg us: +30 6972 707270 (WhatsApp,Viber,Messenger)

    Email: shop@giannopoulos.gr

    Contact us

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